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handcrafted drapery hardware

Forged & Smooth Iron. Stainless Steel. Magnificent Custom Finishes.

Hand-forged in Germany. 


We are thrilled to be the California and Arizona headquarters for Fritsch drapery hardware through PSMADE


The old world techniques of Fritsch drapery hardware have remained unchanged for centuries, and their contemporary finishes build in a new language. To say hand crafted is true, and it's deeper than that. Their most popular drapery hardware is solid hand-forged iron, which means that each rod, base, and finial goes deep into the fire (literally), and is hammered by hand to perfection.


When you look closely, you see the smoothing of facets and the nuance of the maker. You can also hear the percussion of hammers, the lapping of flames, and the heaving of muscle that goes into each element in the set. It is the same as it was in the 16th, 17th, and 18th centuries. Even the anvils are the actual anvils used to forge are from that period. 

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