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Hey René! Who let you out into the garden?


CIRCA 1938

Dearest René,

We've moved the gilt table outside onto the veranda. Something about the way the smoke and haze is lifting up over the Pacific at dawn - it looked so much like your paintings… some force (you?) urged us to welcome this day outside. So here we sit, the waves lapping through the mist, sipping a most exquisite espresso. A morning toast (and toast!) to you, dear René.

And really, the reason I am writing you this is because, after nearly 100 years, this piece is just perfection, holding up beautifully. A true piece from a true artist, and a French one at that (the Americans always loved that about us). What I appreciate most is its inherent lightness… how you moved away from the Deco period, into a looser, “modern” world with this design gesture. It's almost as if you were harkening back to the Baroque with all those curvy lines. Tell me if that's what you were thinking…

The jade marble top, with the looping brass brings me back to our post-impressionist days with the Fauves. Who knew all of our bright colors would bring the future? Well, you did… you saw it coming. Of course you did. So today, we are again back to the future.

With love,


Take a closer look at this magnificent piece here.





I paired it with the folding campaign chairs from Gerard. They've done such a beautiful job with the brass finials… they match perfectly. This piece has similar eloquence as your table with the curling hand-forged iron legs. Said to originate in the 1870's in France, we got these with a jacquard seat, but we can do them however we like moving forward. Either way, they have our vote.

Hope your summer continues to bloom with delight.

- MC


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