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Meet the
Telescopic Table Lamp

Our first designer commission, this telescopic lamp is from Belgian designer Theophile Cacace. 


The lamp's inspiration is a trifecta that speaks to form, manufacturing, and industry. The lamp's inception is born of the Thonet n.14 chair. This was the first ever industrialized produced chair, thanks to its easy shipping. One could fit 50 chairs in 1 cubic meter. Visual inspiration draws from Massoni's Baobob lamp, and reconfigures it with references of rhizomatic connection. And of course, the collapsibility of the tripod is never far from thought.

Cacace's design asks us to look closer to what we are making, how we are making it, and how we are putting it in the hands of our clients all over the world. That way, his investments are made in the quality and what is to come, so we can truly shine light on the future.


Fabrication: brass base with Murano glass shade

Contracted height: 25cm / 9.5 inches

Expanded height: 60cm / 23 5/8 inches

Shade: 50cm / 19.25 inches

Lead time: 16-18 weeks

Preorders available now

Limited First Edition of 10, numbered & signed



About the Theophile Cacace

The Telescopic Table Lamp is the first design commissioned by PSMADE.

The designer is Theophile Cacace. A recent graduate of the Institute of European Design, he already boasts quite a few interior designs, including Mind the Taste, a circular retail concept. However, it is his lineage as the grandson of an Italian art dealer and son of fine furniture dealers that offer a bit more signature in his design work.  


Official Release:
January 1, 2024

Preorders available now

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