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Meet the
Swedish Klismos Chair


Fabrication: Walnut frame

Finish: bleached and distressed

Upholstery: drop in seat - COM, COL

Depth: 28.5"

Width: 21.5"

Height: 35.5"

Seat Crown: 18.5"

Lead time: 3 months

Antiquity rises again and again. The Greeks started it, and then Europe picked it up again in the 1700's when neoclassic interests were revived. And at the center of that rekindled relationship is the Klismos chair. 

The design is forever sealed on Greek Pottery, with illustrations of the very chair on them. Perfection of curves in convex and concave balance. It is the epic neoclassic seat- elegance and movement in stillness. And now, comfort.


The best seat in the house. Literally.

This is not the first klismos chair, but it's the first one that's actually comfortable. We added it to our collection because simply, we loved how it sits even more than how it looks.  This one is for the good company that you want to keep around all evening.

The originals we worked with date back to 1820 and were actually Swedish, painted ebony with fine neoclassic polychrome floral and foliate sprays. This one is contemporized in a gray-washed finish, complete with wormholes and age marks, and a simple leather seat. 

The Klismos is for sitting, so we sat around it all over town.

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