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Philip Stites 5-4-243640.jpg


Ripple in still water
When there is no pebble tossed
Nor wind to blow

- Grateful Dead

Designed by Robert Garcia, co-founder of Therien.

In his Portugal chapter, he has been designing exceptional furniture for us.


Made from rift oak, the right hand side was created from scratch by our craftsmen. developed the left side, and created drawers for a total of 5 with one adjustable shelf. The whole piece stands on wide circular chunks of oak, stained deeper, luminescent in its finish.

Given the world today, there is a lot of curiosity about perspective, and how we can meander around consciousness. And this credenza fits in beautifully; while it’s unexpected, we can rely on its masterful craftsmanship and utility.

This piece was conceived by the artist through the vision, hands, and hearts of the PSMADE team. 

From initial designs to sculptural fabrication from our in-house fabricator to the narratives that distill each object’s story, we are proud to bring these rare pieces from ideation into form for the discerning collector, designer, and decorator. 

We welcome your inquiries.

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