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Philip Stites is a connoisseur and steward of fine and rare museum-quality antiques and decorative arts, with a focus on the extraordinary. His collection of unique antique objects is informed by a lifetime in the decorative arts and as a partner of the venerable Therien & Co. Inc., where he has brought together designers and their clients with famed objects for decades. And just like the captivating narrative of each piece in his collection, so is his history as a master of antiques and design.

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Born in Kansas and inspired by the historicity and narrative of antiques and design objects, Philip moved to California in the mid-80’s and in 1987 partnered with the founders of Therien & Co. Inc.: Robert Garcia led the venture with Walter Zolezzi and Bruce Tremayne. Therien was the leading gallery for exceptional European antique objects treated as fine art, serving a parade of glamorous clientele such as Oprah Winfrey and Elton John, and top interior designers including Bunny Williams and Michael Smith. 


Today, Philip houses the Therien collection of museum-quality antiques and 20th century objects, and PS MADE custom furniture design and production studio in Los Angeles. With his team of Therien veterans and new collaborators, he has built a new hybrid sophisticated acquisition model for designers and their clients, innovating the acclaimed in-person Therien experience into the virtual space.


There are few industry experts like Patricia Sims.  She is the director of PS MADE and a 20+ year steward of the Therien-Stites Collection. A visionary with a focus on design, Patricia delivers custom made solutions to designer needs with unparalleled craftsmanship. Whether it is a custom dining room table, recreating an object no longer in existence, or something entirely unexpected to complete the narrative of a space, Patricia supports the entire process from inception to delivery.  


The narrative of each object is a passion for Patricia. and she takes the extra time to understand not only the object but also the future owners of each piece. Her extensive global travels support Patricia’s keen interest in anthropological objects and opulent environments alike, fostering an exquisite taste that speaks through her refined knowledge of antiques and design history. Whether it is anchoring a room with a 17th-century chandelier, a 21st-century custom table, or a newly available rare painting, her goal is singular: to successfully source the right object for each client and their space.


Patricia is committed to a nuance of client service that elevates the acquisition experience with a rare level of sophistication and precision. She values the intimate journey of object acquisition and offers her signature unparalleled grace and ease to guide the process.  

All of our work is overseen by senior partners at our Los Angeles fabrication studio, not by junior executors working online or overseas. We are proud to guide you all along the way.  You can expect exceptional concierge-style service for our most acclaimed client: you.​

Our work always aligns with old-world construction, contemporary lines born in real history, all with heart-stopping custom finishes.​

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