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We are thrilled to continue to host wonderful design launches and community events at our galleries in the La Cienega Design Quarter at 719 North La Cienega Bl LA CA 90069, opposite Melrose Place.

Please join us.

SEPTEMBER 14, 2023

4-7 PM

Philip Stites

719 North La Cienega Blvd

opposite Melrose Plac, Los Angeles, California 


A Late Summer Gathering featuring:


  • Our first PSMADE Design Commission

  • Announcing a new showroom partnership with Elizabeth Baker and V&N Interiors 

  • Gallery collaboration with ARTWOLF GALLERY. 

  • Newly acquired museum-quality antiques

  • Exceptionally wonderful chocolates by Judy Sagami

Download the full press release here.  
Photos & videos below.
Please credit our collaborating photographers when noted. Thank you.

Untitled (670 x 545 px).png

This celebratory event is the four directions of the Philip Stites compass: a meeting of the minds to celebrate new collaborations in contemporary art, furniture design, antiques, and fine Italian interior textiles.  Stites will transform the galleries on La Cienega Boulevard into a salon-style experience with a presentation by Theophile Cacace, the Belgian designer of the Telescopic Lamp. This is the first commission by the design arm of Philip Stites, PSMADE. Drinks & custom chocolates by Judy Sagami will be shared. 4-7 pm. 

Please RSVP with Patricia Sims.

Theophile Cacace & the Telescopic Table Lamp

Theophile is a Belgian-Italian designer whose thesis work has produced a most extraordinary design that works at the intersection of historical reference and contemporary manufacturing processes. His telescopic lamp is PSMADE’s first commission and addresses not just the history of design, but also the future. The form bears reference to Massoni’s Baobob lamp and is transformed with a telescoping base and opalescent Murano glass shade. Designed for aesthetics, and produced by jewelers (the base) and craftsmen (the shade), we also become a part of the conversation of not just aesthetics, but also responsible manufacturing. Theophile will be presenting the ways in which his telescoping lamp becomes part of the solution to waste - not just material, but also logistics. It is sure to be a very interesting evening, and the designer will be available for discussion after.

We Welcome Elizabeth Baker and V&N Interiors   

Elizabeth Baker, Philip Stites, and Patricia Sims have been crossing paths for 30 years.  Elizabeth led the charge in the fine interior textile world and as the California representative for V&N Interiors, a magnificently high-end and low-carbon line of textiles that are made in the Tuscany region of Italy. These sustainable and exquisite textiles are available on view for designers and those seeking upholstery for custom furniture.

ArtWolf Gallery

LA-based gallery, led by Yael McShane Wulfhart, features sculpture, painting, and photography by three contemporary female artists: Osiris Zuniga, Lareina Holsopple, and Dopez. She will be bringing three works into the gallery that will interplay with the ancient and museum-quality antiques that the Philip Stites galleries are known for.


PSMADE is the design arm of Philip Stites Antiques, led by Patricia Sims and Philip Stites. PSMADE curates the past and present, creating a future of the finest objects in lighting and furniture. With a focus on design and recreating unique pieces that mark a moment in design history, and quickly become a moment in design history. It’s our favorite objects from the past and future perfectly crafted for the living… in our presence.

About Philip Stites Antiques & 20th

Philip Stites fortifies his design and antiques legacy on La Cienega Blvd. in the La Cienega Design Quarter(LCDQ) with two adjacent galleries featuring the four directions of the Stites legacy: 

  • museum quality antiques,  

  • 20th-century furniture and objects, 

  • PSMADE, a new custom program

  • Showroom and LA hub for Fournir Collections, led by Patricia Sims, the co-director of PSMADE.  

I could not be more thrilled with the return of Philip Stites’ gallery to the La Cienega Design Quarter. For years his expertise has been truly indispensable not just to the local community but to an international design clientele (myself included). Philip has an unerring eye with a depth of knowledge and experience matched by no one. And now being able to visit the gallery where we can see the patina, feel the age, and experience first-hand the character of a piece cannot be overemphasized! “Ain’t nothing like the real thing baby” and Philip’s dedication and ability to hone in on the truly extraordinary pieces and rare antiques that resonate with history’s silent voices are a gift to us all.  His curation gives these timeless treasures exceptional relevance in the 21st century.


It seems like absolute kismet for Philip’s return to coincide with the revival of the much-missed Legends of La Cienega – heralding better times ahead, together in person!

Suzanne Tucker


About Philip Stites Antiques Galleries:

The transfer of the 2-gallery lease to Philip Stites is a sign of the full circle return to the area of the LCDQ and into the hands of one of its founders.  Giving the designers and collectors who were (and still are) the nexus of interior design, decoration, and antiques acquisition, a  central location to focus their acquisition efforts in one place. These collections span not only decades but centuries of design and craftsmanship, from ancient vessels to post-modern works of art and every Continental chair in between. At the center of it is Philip Stites, who has preserved historical objects that span the entire globe.

Philip Stites will be the new anchor for antiques in the LCDQ, hearkening back to the days when Melrose Place was the destination for antiques. His charm, taste, and unparalleled knowledge - from antiques to 20th-century objects and furniture bring a comprehensive perspective that will be accessible and aspirational for all the collectors in the area. We are thrilled that Philip Stites is returning to the LCDQ with his collections. 

- Lars Stensland, Jr.  

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Download photos & videos below.
Please credit our collaborating photographers when noted. Thank you.

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