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16th Century Stone Modernism

Even in the 16th century, Bilbao produced progressive and conceptual forms... even in the simplest function. Hewn from the local rock, this granite mortar makes for a curious minimalist forbearer, in this case, a place to water the cattle. It's terrifically carved in a way that feels so modernist and in perfect proportion.

These unique pieces tend not to move that far, as their weight and distance prohibit. This is the only one we've seen this side of the pond. Originally, it wouldn’t have been on the pedestal, just sitting flat on the ground. At some later date, they put it on a matching platform. This piece is alive and well, even the moss that has grown over time on its exterior speaks to its resilience and health.

This mortar could be easily dressed with a pipe, set in the garden as a lily pond or platform. Invite Carmichael and Lily as the three together are the perfect set to enjoy even more lazy Sundays in the garden.


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