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Earliest & Latest Italian Pedestals

Roman Style Pedestal Table, Quatrain

What happens in two thousand years to a pedestal? That's what we examine this week, beginning with this epic reproduction of a first century pedestal and our exclusive pair of deco torchieres.

First, this Roman-style pedestal table: a reproduction that is imperceptible from the original, a marble one from the first century C.E, with a delicious porphyry top added in the 18th century. We know this because the original was in our collection and provided the form for the official cast of this piece. When we experienced this iteration for the first time, we were flabbergasted at the exactitude of this construction. This version is not only historically accurate, it remembers to a level of detail that can be felt with the fingertips. Even the wear and tear on the fluted pedestal is an exact duplicate of the original.

As per the top, the piece is shown here with a handsome Rosso Danielle marble. For you, the variations are as endless as the marble yard.


Italian Rosewood Architectural Torchieres, Mid 20th Century

Leaping through time, we arrive to a moment in the mid-20th century, a moment that looks over its own shoulder, to an earlier time of Deco, in Milan.

The idea here is that these are skyscrapers. They were originally pedestals, functioning not unlike our 2nd century feature above, this time veneered wonderfully in rosewood. Somewhere along the line, in the 50's or 60's,they were converted into uplights with the addition of the cylinders. And… they've got scale and umph.

At 14" square at the base to the near-72 inches height, these allude to the mind blowing skyscrapers imagined and actualized at the time of their inception, a stair step to the proverbial and actual top - an established feature of Deco pieces. An expression of the architectonic, this lighting duo accompany their own excitement of what is coming next: new heights, a return to refined elegance. All that, and flanking the 2nd century piece: perfection.


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