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Garouste & Bonetti

We all know this.

The French had it, continue to have it, and perhaps even made the proverbial “it" itself. Whether it was an early King Louis XV moment, or it was the 1990's, we see their exactitude, intentionality, and unparalleled taste and craftsmanship in each and every piece.

We bow to the nameless ateliers that produced for the royal castles. And we are grateful that somewhere along the way, roughly in the late 1800's, the designers and artisans finally began to have their names known. That laid the ground work for contemporary design, and in this case, Garouste and Bonetti. And that namesake is truly royalty in our contemporary world of design.

What's so beautiful about their collaboration is how they brought their previous work with them into every piece they created together - hers from theater set design, and his from styling and photography. That cross-pollination shows in this glass, bronze, and mahogany table as sculpture, served straight up.

We aren't sure exactly what they had in mind for this one, with the top of the legs done in minimal freeform, with caps perfectly screwed from the top, piercing the glass. We wonder if the inspiration is floral or foliate… possibly African? Our eye moves down these striking elements as they drop into tapered mahogany legs. It's a beautifully done expression of construction, simplicity and elegance… what this Paris-based duo is known for.


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