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Leaning Back into Time & Space

Tito Agnoli was famously steeped in the 1960's midcentury modernist movement and is the legend behind this iconic lounge chair. We imagine that it was his Peruvian roots that drew a naturalist approach to the lounge chair, expressed in Italy amidst a legendary career. He began as a painter, moving into architecture shortly after. He contained and strayed from that line of work and was drawn into the design, earning a gold medal at the Neocon amongst multiple awards throughout his career. Hisd work is kept by museums and collectors alike.

In the '60s, we moved from post-war traditional to verve for anything contemporary, particularly in Italy. This was designed to be a simple silhouette that blurred the lines between inside and outside. We imagine this for the sunroom, the back deck, and the places where land and building connections.

Part sculpture and part function, this is perfection in a one-drink (and one book) table. We imagine the original from the African continent, done in a thick hewn wood. It also has the distinctive experience of Brancusi, with connective geometries of a hexagon top and circle base. Offered in cast cement, the Oudry is well suited for the outdoors.


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