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Sitting Pretty on the North Coast




Traditional glam & pure Louis XVI, that is, if Louis had gotten to Marin County, California - with expertly carved guilloche molding on the edges. When you look at the closeups you'll see that duplicated on the apron, too.

Somewhat typical of the era, more than likely placed along the wall, perhaps flanking a console, and rarely brought into the middle of the room, so you never saw the back. They are interesting in that they aren't upholstered like the others of the era for seasonal changes. These must have been in a winter palace as COLD as a PACIFIC SUMMER, upholstered in a particular way so the seat is very high with a large poof and the back has a nice bulge as well - comfortable. At the time, you perched, never sat back, but they can receive you.

These are also unusually wide helping to accommodate the outfits and gowns and the inevitable posing. The arms set back so you could have your dress in there. And something new to the period were upholstered arms to enhance the comfort, not seen prior to this. Raised on fluted tapering Louis XVI legs harking back to Herculaneum and Pompeii and interpreted in wood and gold.

Though cleaned up from the Baroque period, interestingly, they kept a distinctive deep scrolling arm bowing out extravagantly. But everything else about these is very Louis XVI, simplified and surprisingly modern for the times. The rounded top rather than rectangular, yet another new affectation, making them a bit more feminine. They do retain their original gilt finish and it is rare that they survived through the centuries originally from a set of 8, with four available now.

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West Marin - an organic and natural intersecting bronze patinated metal plate and lucite base. A mappa burl top given an ameobic shape so that the beautiful clean lines on the bottom and the slanted edge create a very 60's moment, but done on a very 90's/2000's base. Cocktail table - fine jewelry - got a little dazzle.

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