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Through the Realms of Consciousness

Robert Downs' Wheel of Tibet

Oil on Canvas, 1958

We are inspired by this emergent time. We are headed somewhere… OK, just outside? That's perfect! Truth is, we've got a fresh take on what is possible, with the hindsight of what has been. When we considered this week's communication, we wanted to celebrate that fulcrum point with creativity that conjures the wisdom of this new day.

So, we celebrate with art, and this piece that considers the constantly turning wheels of consciousness and awakening seemed perfect. Robert Downs studied in the Bay Area in the golden era of Abstract Expressionism, West Coast style. This particular piece has provenance, as it was once in the collection of the LA County Museum. His other work has won national awards, been shown at the Oakland Museum and San Francisco's Legion of Honor alike, as well as the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art.


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