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To Rene with Love: French Moderne

Dearest René,

Well, it has been a journey, hasn't it? We assume that you've already left shore on the Normandie, reveling in the wondrous surroundings of your art, your design, your everything. And now… ship furniture! Please stay steeped and inspired, dear friend.

Maybe you offered the ocean liner your Art Moderne Mahogany armchairs. I loved that design so much. The arched upholstered back and scrolling arms fitted to upholstered rests build elegance and simplicity. And the box cushion with no apron are so tantalizing and new. It is truly amazing to experience what you've brought to the landscape and we've never seen the likes of before. Any captain of the ship would be inspired to continue… no matter the mutiny.

Please, let me expound, because it's worth it. The French way (always!) is ingenuity and execution, fresh on our eyes. The movement, the subtle curves that you are known for - whether it's political artwork or designs to delight bourgeoisie fantasy, I know for sure that it's a mirror image of itself, delighting from the center in its left and right sides.

I can't hide my excitement for your visit, or your work. So… how's this:

When you get off that luxury liner, and find yourself in the Big Apple, maybe have one of the porters carry two of these chairs for us. It would be so great to have them in Los Angeles, if they can make it that far. Truth is, the whole ship might be scrapped with the upcoming ebb and flow of war. We'd love to preserve a few of these pieces.

With love,



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