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Around the World & Back Again

Anglo Indian Blackwood Side Chair, Circa 1860, Bombay Presidency

There is so much to be said for a well-traveled piece. Layer how far an object has traveled, and where it's been repaired, preserved, fixed up, and more, and you've got a tattooed narrative that is nothing less than decadent.

This side chair is one of those pieces. It was born in India, when the English were in charge - cited historically as the British Raj. It was a time when the seats were closer to the ground by nature and by culture. It was also hot, hot, hot. In response, seat backs were always pierced or latticed, and this one exemplifies that artisanal feat with it's vine-like carved lace. We imagine this one really let the breeze in during its youth. The carving here is impeccable, with animus feet.

The British influence raised the seat with a fine cushion - this one iterated in homage to its roots with a rich Indian tapestry textile. Now she sits at about 14" high. In her travels, she's been restored, but only to provide structure to the details that define her, adding longevity with a strong and functional form.


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